4 Typical SEO Mistakes That You MUST Avoid

Do you sometimes feel like your SEO effort is simply not working for you? Well, before you give up on SEO altogether, you should find out if you are committing some major mistakes that are jeopardizing your entire SEO strategy.

There are so many people who make serious mistakes that end up lowering their ranking instead of boosting the website's ranking. Read some enlightening information on the typical SEO mistakes that people make which have a negative effect on website optimization and attaining high keyword rankings.

1. Selecting multiple addresses which link to your website(canonical issues): Many people make a great mistake when they create multiple links that lead to different versions of a similar webpage. The best practice is usually to choose a single link and ensure that all your back links are coming from this link. Spreading your back links makes it difficult for the search engine to choose a single canonical web address, which it can link to your website. Simply choose just one URL link and focus on it. If there are other URLs you need to link to, then consider establishing a 301 redirect on all these URLs that points to your main web address. Just make sure that Google is aware of your main web address/URL.

2. Making use of too many keywords: This is a mistake that so many people use, which ends up creating spam. Popular search engines hate this habit of stuffing specific keywords in your website. You must avoid repeating keywords in the Meta tags and page copy. In fact, keywords in these tags should only be used once. The other place where you should be careful about the way you place your keywords is in the content. The number of times you should place keywords in content will depend on its size. However, as a rule of thumb, always place keywords in the first and second sentence, 3 to 4 times within the body and once in the end. There are so many things to consider on proper keyword placement but ideally the secret is to avoid keyword stuffing.

3. Not being very cautious on link building: There are many SEO firms out there, which can offer you link building services. However, you must be very careful because some of these SEO firms, especially the local ones, are known to post links on sites, which have been blacklisted by Google and considered as spam. If you form any association with such a site by linking to it, you will be working on lowering your website’s ranking. For this reason, make sure you understand where your links are going to be posted.

4. Implementing flash introductions: Many search engines are not really able to translate flash sites and give them a proper ranking. A flash introduction can be really attractive and unique to customers but it might not do much in your SEO strategy. To avoid this, get rid of that flash introduction so that Google can effortlessly and adequately crawl your website. This is likely going to improve your ranking.


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  2. Nice read!!! At the time when I am involving in SEO industry first time I have also done many mistakes. I am not so much aware about what SEO is actually and that’s why I did some of the above mentioned mistakes. Here are some points that you avoid-
    • Duplicate content
    • Avoid Flash
    • Keyword Stuffing
    If you must keep in mind all these things, you will surely get success.

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