Google Drive Evokes Content Ownership Concerns

Google Drive is a new product by Google that enables users to upload content to a central platform where others can use and share the content. With all of the other Google products out there, like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calender, etc, it would be sensible to drop one's DropBox (a similar content sharing platform) for the new Google Drive.

But before you accept this new product by Google, there are some notable implications that you might want to consider. Below is summary of the terms of DropBox and Google Drive (summed up Internet marketer by Jay Dahl.)
So as you can see, any content you upload to Google Drive is essentially theirs. For many businesses (especially those in the SEO and website optimization professions) sharing their information with the big G is not in their best interests.

Google Drive might still serve as a fine product for individuals and personal use. However, these terms are somewhat alarming, are they not?

What do you think?

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  1. I've always been skeptical of Google's privacy policies. This is just the latest demonstration how ensuring user privacy isn't one of Google's top priorities. It is, though, our own personal choice whether we want to utilize Google's services or maintain our privacy. If you don't want your information shared or exploited, don't use their services.


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