The Essence of Pinterest for Your Righteous Business Strategy

Social media sites have evolved from simple networking and friend sharing platforms to major marketing tools. As a result, businesses off all types are taking advantage of the immense popularity and marketing potential that these sites have to offer.

A rising star in the line-up of social media players is Pinterest. Launched in 2010, Pinterest has grown to peak the interests of many people. The rich media-based social platform has grown at an alarming 4000% over the past six month alone. Furthermore, Pinterest has shown a greater influx of traffic over other social media sites like Google Plus and YouTube.

The astounding growth of Pinterest must not go ignored, even by the small business marketers. Now rated the 3rd most popular social media network on the Web, Pinterest offers a unique platform that helps brands build awareness and customer acquisition.

The Power Behind Pinterest

Pinterest centers upon the sharing of interactive media, primarily images and videos. The essential purpose of the site is to provide a user-centric platform where people can distribute and share content that they like.
Similar to Facebook, this concept is offers a wealth of opportunity for righteous business marketers.

Exposing quality content to the masses (particularly creative infographics and customer-focused photos) can result in greater brand awareness for all types of companies. And what separates Pinterest from other social media sites, is its simplicity. There are no conversations and news-feeds - just sharing the goods.

Evoking the Pins of Your Target Market

Although many marketers are quick to assume that Pinterest is just another big business platform for major brands, the social sharing site offers opportunities for all. By enabling marketers to create a virtual pin board surrounding a specific theme of choice, Pinterest allows even local boutiques and small businesses to show off their content.

Pinterest allows marketers to really drill down on the interests of their target market. For a target audience of righteous business professionals, marketers can distribute eBooks, diagrams, and flow charts, all with notes that highlight important points throughout the content. For fasion-savvy shoppers, marketers can publish images of their latest clothing lines, product videos highlights, and other creative media to attract the eyes of users.

The advantages of this social media marketing platform is that almost any type of business with any type of audience can exploit opportunities. Whether for search engine optimization or purely brand exposure, marketers can flex their creative muscle with Pinterest.

Are You Pinterested Yet?

With Pinterest on the rise, this is on social media site that almost any marketer will want to exploit. Just be sure to brand virtual pin board so users can identify where this great content is coming from. There are also a number of other strategies to using Pinterest for SEO and website optimization. Here, we just want to give you a taste of the righteous business potential of Pinerest.

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