A Few Reasons Why Exponent Rocks!

As a radically different Content Management System, Exponent makes it possible for website owners to literally manage their websites on their own – with ease.

Exponent allows users to edit webpages as they look on the web, compared to content management systems that display a more “back-end” view. Aside from this major departure from the usual way we facilitate content management, this design flexbile CMS has features that make it a very attractive option for website owners.

Web designers know that a CMS can limit what they can achieve with their designs. Exponent is different because web designers can freely apply the designs they desire. Exponent is a design flexible CMS that provides a wide range of capabilities for website designs. OIC, the website design company behind Exponent, uses base templates and accompanying CSS for a variety of modules it offers. Equipped with the Smarty Templating Engine, Themers are provided with a great selection of Smarty plug-ins that all work towards enhancing and improving your website.

Many web users rely on search engines to find what they need on the Internet, and Exponent strengthens its position in this area by offering search engine friendly. The CMS provides SEO friendly URL naming, Meta keyword, and Meta description fields. This enables users to customize the SEO elements of a website according to their optimization strategy.

The wonders of Exponent make reaching your online business goals possible, in a convenient, efficient way. The search for the right CMS is over. Learn more about Exponent.

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