Exponent CMS: Simple, Convenient, and Easy Open Source Content Management System

Simply, Exponent, developed by Online Innovative Creations, is a content management system that makes it very easy for website owners to style and manage their websites without worrying about site navigation or the technical coding aspects. For many website owners, this is a cause for excitement because this definitely allows owners to take full control of their sites; maintain it, edit or change it without depending on a professional web designer or developer to do it for them. Considering that Exponent provides a long-awaited solution to the problems faced by web owners, it is surprisingly low cost. If you are looking for an affordable web design company to propel your business forward, Exponent is certainly one of the options you can seriously consider.

There are four practical reasons why Exponent is considered an excellent content management system by many. For one, Exponent is completely self-contained. Web owners don’t need to download additional applications to be allowed to use it. Simply done within the system, user management, site configuration and content editing are achieved in a very user friendly and intuitive way. Another reason why Exponent is a great content management option is the fact that it is really easy to use. Unlike other CMS, Exponent allows editing directly on the website, which means no more back-end administration. It can not get easier than simply visiting your site just like any web visitor and make the changes you’d like, simply, easily and without fuss.

For web designers, Exponent works very well because it uses modules, which are highly flexible. Easily integrating multiple site themes and CSS stylesheets, its main strength is appreciated in the simplicity with which all these can be achieved. Administrators can activate a variety of content modules easily and quickly. Developed by the OIC group, the Exponent Project is an open source website content management system. Regarded as a radically different CMS, its genius is in the simplicity and ease with which it allows website management. It uses a “what you see is what you get” approach which, in this day and age, can’t get any better than that. A number of tools and features makes Exponent a wonderful CMS offering. This includes inline content editing and administration, on the fly image editing tools, design flexible CMS, search engine friendly CMS features, user management and permissions, blog and online journaling, image gallery, dynamic web form builder, dynamic navigation menus, content re-use, built in content search, document and digital asset management, calendar of events, social networking and social media, news RSS feeds and podcasting. All these features can be yours for free but working with the OIC group will ensure that your business takes off in the direction you want it to take and that’s upward.

For the past nine years, Online Innovative Creations has offered its expertise on website design, content management, SEO, custom web applications, web and email marketing and hosting. They consider Exponent their flagship product because they believe that making it as simple as possible is what every website owner needs and wants. Exponent is an affordable, convenient and effective solution for website design and CMS. Check it out now and experience a new and easy way of managing your website.

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