Minimize Drug Charges By Hiring An Experienced Drug Defense Lawyer

Facing any kind of criminal charge is devastating. If it happens to be a drug possession charge, chances are you are well aware of the fact that these charges can pose a serious sentence. Like most criminal charges, the severity of the sentence varies depending on the details of the case. Illinois drug laws as well as Federal laws are known to be strict and the judges unforgiving when it comes to drug charges. Choose the Peoria law firm to defend your case effectively. Choose the firm that has the experience, skills, expertise and knowledge of the drug laws that govern the state. An experienced Peoria drug defense lawyer such as Attorney Jason Ramos will be able to defend you expertly.

Attorney Jason Ramos is head lawyer for the Ramos Law Office, P.A., which has a practice dedicated to the defense of individuals charged with drug related crimes. Attorney Ramos served as a prosecuting attorney for the Peoria County State's Attorney's Office prior to focusing on criminal defense. This experience has helped him and his clients get the most favorable outcomes because he has a thorough understanding of how the prosecution team works. He has honed his skills as an expert negotiator and as an aggressive trial lawyer and knows when to apply these strategies to ensure the best possible results for his client.

Manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs in Illinois is treated harshly. The severity of the penalty is dependent on the amount of drugs found in the person's possession. This is compounded if the offender is found to possess a firearm at the time of arrest, in which case, his sentence could be doubled if he is convicted. If the defendant was found out to manufacture or distribute illegal drugs 1500 feet away from a school, church, park or other public facilities, his sentence could also be doubled upon conviction.

Marijuana or Cannabis possession in any amount is illegal in Illinois. The amount of marijuana found in one's possession determines the severity of the penalty for the crime. Possession of 30 grams or less of the substance is considered a misdemeanor and any amount over it is a felony. The main goal in marijuana possession defense is the avoidance of a permanent criminal record because it will affect one's future career prospects significantly. Getting the legal services of a Peoria drug defense lawyer like Jason Ramos as soon as you are charged enhances your chances of having them reduced. The most common defense strategies are to challenge the search and to challenge the possession charges. An illegal search is a violation of your constitutional rights and can be applied if a person is stopped and searched for no legitimate reason and in the absence of a search warrant. Challenging marijuana possession can be used because if one is found near the substance, it doesn't mean that he is in possession of it. The prosecution has the burden of establishing possession beyond reasonable doubt in this case. Regardless of the amount of marijuana you allegedly possess, Attorney Jason Ramos can do the research required and choose the appropriate strategy for your defense to come up with the best possible outcome.

Reducing charges for drug possession can be achieved by getting the services of an experienced lawyer to help you build your defense. The Peoria drug defense attorneys of Ramos Law Office, P.A. have a reputation for aggressively defending their client’s rights, securing the best possible outcome and ensuring that overzealous law enforcement officials do not gain an unfair advantage over the client’s case.


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