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Content management systems were developed to make it easier for administrators with limited technical know-how to easily edit, update and generally manage their websites. Ranging from blogs to cutting edge full e-commerce websites, these systems can help you maximize the potential of your business. Among these systems one that is offered by a website design company is Exponent CMS. It is a system known to ensure that you can make your website the best that it can be, thanks to its powerful content management features. Exponent is an open source ecommerce cms and includes features that you’ll find most helpful when you are in the process of managing your website.

Online Innovative Creations or OIC is the maker of Exponent which is ecommerce cms software. Unlike other management tools, Exponent does not require you to download additional applications to be allowed to use it. The software practically does everything that a good website content management system is supposed to do. Generally, it enables the administrator or anybody with the proper permissions to create and manage a website, conveniently and easily manage the content on the pages and manage where these pages are supposed to be placed on the website. However, the advantage of Exponent stems from the fact that all these tasks are done in a completely unique way. Exponent offers a variety of features including customer and user accounts, easy order management, event registration, full product browsing, payment and billing methods, promotions and discounts, search engine friendly E-commerce cms, secure customer checkout and shipping methods.

Many of Exponent’s functionality in terms of website content management are modular. OIC used modules because they can be dropped to easily and quickly add much new functionality to your website. Some of what Exponent offers is calendar of events, news publishing and syndication system, web blog, image gallery and podcasts. Ecommerce CMS developers praise the simplicity with which Exponent can be used. While it is radically new and unique way of editing website content, it is flexible and easy which makes it very user friendly even to administrators whose experience in CMS is not wide. Online Innovative Creations boasts of a “What you see is what you get” user interface for Exponent. Administrators can readily edit website content as it is displayed and gets rid of meticulous and cumbersome backend editing.

Online Innovative Creations developed Exponent because this website design company understands that one of the most difficult challenges that an online merchant faces is getting customers to patronize their website. The most preferred search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN and this is where potential customers start their journey towards finding your website. Therefore, it is essential that the ecommerce system you choose should also take this into consideration. OIC’s Exponent CMS software has an excellent set of SEO and online selling tools to ensure that traffic should come your website’s way when a browser types in a set of keywords that your business corresponds to. It features search friendly URLs, Meta keyword fields and Meta description fields.

You can maximize and expand the potential of your business to the best it can be. The website design company Online Innovation Creations’ Exponent has the answer for you. You can make editing your website easier and more efficient, simplify your administrative tasks and enjoy great traffic, so what more can you ask for?

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