The Growing Utility of Smartphones

A smartphone is a kind of mobile phone that offers increased usability, function, and connectivity compared to typical mobile. These smartphones are equipped with similar platforms as standard computers. Like a PC or laptop they can run several applications with Java along with utilizing similar operating systems and software. The demands for these smartphones greatly increasing and individuals are beginning to apply this technology in different means, This includes the use of smartphones in military operations.

The Army has applied the use of smartphones to aid certain administrative and operational tasks. They are also finding means to make things easier for them to perform in battle, thus, increasing effectiveness and efficiency in whatever they do. Officials do believe that the use of smartphone technology would indeed help them to communicate with soldiers in the field, sending tactical clues during operations, as well as videos too. With safe utilization of this mobile technology, communication would never be vague and difficult for the troops.

There are specific smartphone applications under web development for the Army. They apply apps to experimental sessions in mock combat environments. These are on-going evaluations called “Connecting Soldiers to Digital Apps.” The Army officials are trying to learn that it can be a tactical advantage for them if they share data like images and videos in real time with the use of smartphones like Android or iPhone and other personal digital assistant (PDA)-like devices. They can also scan certain documents and translate other languages into their own.

Security with the exchange of information is being checked, whether or not leaks are possible. Also, they are preparing to extend networks per phone using nodes, that way, the access would not be stopped, no matter where the person is. The use of smartphones on the battlefield is something that can give a great deal of help as tactical operations are made easy through efficient exchange of information. Soon the smartphone will be another addition to standard army combat uniform.

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