Exponent CMS: Changing the Standards of Content Management

The constant management of a website can be not only difficult, but costly for most business owners. Webmasters can be of great value to some business, however for most small to medium-sized companies, the cost of acquiring website talent is not a practical option with respect to a tight IT budget.

The rise of CMS platforms, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, has evolved into the ultimate alternative to hiring a webmaster or tech team. A Content management system can make it simple to, well, manage website content. Rather than consult with the tech department to make a change to a webpage, CMS users can make the change themselves though a simple program interface. What is even more advantageous to certain content management systems is the ability to apply search friendly CMS and Internet marketing initiatives to the website.

One up-and-coming content management system that delivers just that is Exponent. Developed by OIC Group, Inc. based in Peoria, Illinois, Exponent provides advanced CMS features for all types of organizations. Whether the business model is ecommerce or a local service provider, Exponent is the ideal content management system for online branding and marketing.

What makes Exponent stand out from other content management systems is flexibility and control. Upon the first phases of working with OIC Group and Exponent, the company’s experts will evaluate your website and Internet objectives. This first step entails the custom designing of the website, which includes bringing in the unique design elements to reflect the uniqueness of the brand. In addition, the team at OIC Group will discuss and plan any Internet marketing and SEO goals a client wishes to achieve. Once the foundation is created, the client is given complete-control access to their very own website via Exponent.

At that moment on, a user can login into their website to perform a wide range of functions. With Exponent, users are able to create and delete webpages; edit text site-wide; and add images, video, and other forms of rich media. Additionally, Exponent offers users the ability to add CMS SEO elements to their webpages. These elements include search engine friendly (SEF) URL naming as well as meta data fields to add the Title, Keywords, and Description to a webpage.

This is only a small taste of the buffet of opportunities Exponent and professionals at OIC Group can deliver. To learn more contact the Peoria web development team at www.OICGroup.net.

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