3 Vital Business Mailing Systems for Faster Document Handling

Business Mailing Systems
Print shops, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, among other organizations do a lot of outbound mailing. As a result, the automation of mailing systems and postage operations is strongly recommended. Mailing systems and machines play a pivotal role in making these process dramatically more efficient.

In this post, we will delve right into 3 common mailing systems that are designed to make postage operations more efficient. These mailing machines include: folding machines, pressure sealers, and folder inserter machines.

Folding Machines

At some point in your business, you will have to create presentations and marketing materials to reach out to clients, stakeholders, or investors. With a reliable paper folding machine at your disposal, you can create well sized and folded mailers, brochures, information sheets and much more to convey to your clients the information that they need in style.
Folding Machines

Folding machines are reasonably priced and can be afforded by a majority of business owners. A folding machine will make mailing more efficient in the following ways. First of all, it will help you make attractive pamphlets, brochures, reports that cannot be made with hand folding.

If you hire someone to create and fold your print materials, you can incur lots of costs. Having a paper folding machine will help you save a lot of money on employee costs. Lastly, paper folding machines will your time because such machines are capable of professionally folding thousands of papers every hour.

Pressure Sealers
Pressure sealers

Do you have thousands of appointment notices, invoices, checks, utility bills and much more that you would like to fold and seal for postage? A quality pressure sealer at your fingertips will take care of all your problems. Pressure sealers simplify the mailing process because you don’t have to put the documents you are mailing inside envelopes.

Document pressure sealers also save time because the documents are channeled from your laser printer to the pressure sealer directly. You no longer have to handle the documents on your own or worry about mismatching addresses and inserting two documents in one envelope. Last but not least, pressure sealers use high pressure and cohesive edges to seal documents effectively than normal envelopes.

Folder Inserters

Folding thousands of documents and inserting them into envelopes can be costly and time consuming as well without the right mailing equipment. Folder inserters are machines that are designed to fold and insert documents into envelopes. Folder inserter machines can fold and insert thousands of documents into envelopes in an hour unlike humans. Folder inserters make mailing more efficient in numerous ways.
Folder Inserters

For instance, you can save lots of money because such machines automate the mailing process, you will increase productivity since you will be able to fold and insert thousands of mail inside envelopes in record time. Folder inserter machines will also help you make more money since you can be able to insert additional marketing materials in your frequent mail.

That aside, folder inserters will minimize the chances of mailing the wrong documents to your clients, they are easy to operate, and will help you send precisely folded documents that tell your clients a lot about your level of professionalism.

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