A Role Model Among Warehousing & 3PL Providers Nationwide

Advanced third-party logistics (3PL) is buzzword in the warehousing and transport industry. However, not all self-proclaimed 3PL providers are as advanced as they set out to be.

One Illinois-based logistics and distribution company is setting the standard in advanced 3PL by re-defining what constitutes total supply chain solutions. From packaging and transport to warehousing and order fulfillment, United Facilities has grown over the decades to be recognized as an industry role model among warehousing and 3PL providers nationwide.

Expanding from its local roots in central Illinois, United Facilities owns and operates 12 strategically placed distribution centers spanning from California to Florida. But its widespread network is not all that makes this truly advanced 3PL so powerful. Below we capture the essence of what makes United Facilities a leading logistics and supply chain management company.

Warehousing and Fulfillment Expertise

The tailor-made warehousing solutions of United Facilities involve the management, oversight, and operation of customized warehouses aimed to enhance clients' bottom line. Irrespective of whether you use your team or ours, the in-house experts provide frequent assistance to facilitate increased fill rates, excellent inventory management and proper utilization of resources.

United Facilities provides a wide range of services including: food and garbage storage, online inventory tracking, performance management, quality control inspections, purchasing and customer service administration and many others.

Packaging Services

One thing that pops up often when talking about packaging is effective utilization of resources. First off, United Facilites' effective utilization of LEAN production is specifically designed for individual customers' needs. Co-locating package/assembly needs with storage is key to saving a business time and money. This is irrespective of whether United Facilites works in clients physical location(s).

Furthermore, United Facilities' outstanding and proven record speaks for itself. The wide range of packaging services offered by the advanced 3PL provider include (although not limited to): packaging and shrink wrapping, product assembly, repackaging and re-conditioning, kitting, multi-parks, custom pick and pack, and performance measurement.

Advanced Information Technology (IT)

United Facilities is internet driven and utilizes some of the most advanced IT systems for tracking and fulfillment. In fact, technological revolution keeps happening often. The logistics management company offers an array of technologies, such as the JDA software platform which has help to optimize various aspects of the company.

Additionally, the IT solutions provided United Facilities help the company to:
  • effectively manage warehouse management and packaging systems for both turnkey and industry
  • navigate around world class server-based systems
  • integrate perfectly with customer ERP systems

Transportation Management Solutions

Effective transport operations are key to an efficient supply chain network. United Facilities' network of professional and trusted partners help the 3PL provider maintain consistency and sufficient safety of clients' goods or products until they get to their final destination. It may involve route planning, courier management, load handling, execution and all the freight payments involved. United Facilities has tailor made transport solutions uniquely designed for the most complex transportation needs.

Value Added Services

As a company that endeavors to boost customer experience, United Facilities is always engaged in efforts to come up with aspects that will help us achieve that. One such aspect is CI or rather Consumer Improvement. This takes the form of incremental improvements over a specific duration of time or just breakthrough improvements which happen immediately.

It's based on 5 guiding principles: identify, analyze, measure, improve, evaluate, and it's definitely a win-win for both the company and the customers. It has had tremendous positive impact on the employee operations and overall organization.

In addition, United Facilities has been acknowledged and rewarded by one of its top customers - a Fortune 500 company, as the CI champions of the year. This is a great highlight that actually stemmed from the cost effective measures and strategies we've been able to effectively implement.

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