Local Business Feature: Five Senses Spa and Salon in Peoria, IL

Peoria hair salon, Five Senses Spa & Salon offers a fantastic range of services and products, all of an exceptionally high quality and in a beautiful and relaxing environment. The ambiance of Five Senses Spa & Salon adds to the feeling of being well and truly pampered, and makes having your hair, cut, and styled a real luxury and treat.

Beyond its reputation as the best spa and hair salon in Peoria, IL, Five Senses Spa & Salon is ranked amongst the top 200 salons in North America by Salon Today. Five Senses Spa & Salon prides itself on its high standards of customer care and service, really going the extra mile to provide a memorable and unique experience that you will want to repeat over and over again. 

Five Senses Spa & Salon accepts a range of payment methods, making it easy and hassle free to pay for any treatments and services. A user friendly booking system all makes booking an appointment easy and painless. And hey, there are lockers for guests to use when in the salon. Who doesn't appreciate a spa that advocates the security of their guests' items?

Five Senses Spa & Salon employs a range of experienced and professional stylists to take care of customers. They work on a tier based pricing system, meaning that the services are accessible to all. The great stylists, senior stylists, and master stylists set their rates according to their expertise, experience, training, and specialisms. Clients can also make use of a professional hair consultation to make sure that they achieve the look that they want (and to really make guests feel a million dollars they can also indulge in a complimentary neck, shoulder, and scalp treatment, designed to relieve stress and ease tensions.)

Spa & Salon Services for Men & Women

Services include a basic women’s hair cut, shampoo, and style, a shampoo and style, a men’s hair cut, shampoo, style, and hot towels, and washing and styling in preparation for a special event or celebratory occasion. Ladies may also like to have their hair put up in a chic and stylish up do, perfect for all special occasions. There is no more special day than a wedding, and a team of skilled stylists can make a big day perfect, doing hair for the bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and other important guests.

Perhaps customers want a quick change in the length of the hair, without waiting the long length of time that it takes to naturally grow; hair extensions are a great solution in such a situation. The extensions are carefully applied with an even pull distribution so as not to damage the natural hair.

Put the sparkle back in the hair with a shine treatment for the hair and scalp. Give your locks some TLC and nourishment, and see the improvements in sheen and shine. One can also see the benefits from a scalp treatment, with those that stimulate follicles and hence assist re-growth, those that relax, those that remove dead and flaky skin, and more.

Five Senses Spa & Salon can change the style and look, with perms, curling treatments, and straightening techniques. Do away with all that tedious self styling early in the morning when in a rush, and have a permanent style set, making you look both fantastic and saving you precious time. Specialty services include wigs, ethnic wraps, braids, and more. There is even a hair donation facility, where one can make a truly special and life enhancing gift.

Within the hair salon, there are numerous other treatments and techniques waiting to nurture visitors. Make up, eye brows, eye lashes, body treatments, massages, and manicures are among the other ways to make one feel fabulous, and the decadent chocolate fountain adds that little finishing touch of panache. 

Pay Five Senses Spa & Salon a visit at 7719 N Grand Prairie Dr Peoria, IL 61615 or give them a call at (309) 693-7719. Or book an appointment today!

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