The Business Behind Screen Printing Custom Tank Tops, T-Shirts, and Apparel

Screen printing of custom tank tops, t-shirts, hats, and other forms of apparel is an increasingly popular business trend in America and worldwide. The latest fashion trends are changing toward custom designed t-shirts, tank tops, hats, long sleeves, and as a result, business are spawning to meet the emerging demand.

In essence, More and more people are interested in custom screen printing services. Personalization and customization are key qualities that consumers are seeking in many different situations.

The vast demand for custom screen printing services stems into various organizations and groups, including sports clubs, college groups, dance teams, vacationers, or community initiatives. All of these parties and more utilize custom printing services in their need to dress uniformly without having to wear a typical uniform.

People can use the custom printed shirts to display their nationality, culture, religion, ideals, goals, sports team, or any other feature significant for their identity. From pocket tank tops to neon hats, customizable apparel is rapidly growing in popularity because they can promote awareness and they give a way for people to express who they are. Personalized tank tops and shirts are used by more and more clothing companies in order raise awareness for different social causes. Many companies are using nowadays embroidered tote designs and individualized t-shirt.

Companies offering custom t-shirts, tank tops, hats, and apparel can be found all over the web. The sales professionals can review the proposed t-shirt design ideas taking in consideration the customer’s budget and needs. People shopping online for custom t-shirts are looking for companies that inspire confidence and are willing to go that extra mile in order to satisfy customers’ requirements.

The custom t-shirt printing business is an industry alive and blooming. You can see everywhere around a wide variety of custom printed apparel. A colorful decorated sweatshirt, t-shirt or sports jersey has become a real American icon. A simple walk in a mall will convince you of this reality.

The technology used in custom screen printing allows customers to become creative and come with their own design ideas. Custom screen printing creates products with unique characteristics and increased value. The customized printed apparel is not only a way to promote customer’s cause.

Companies use this growing trend in the clothing world as an opportunity to promote their brand as well. Customized tank tops, t-shirts, and other forms of apparel can unite a group of people that have a common identity and can be also used as a marketing tactic. Shirts are the most convenient for custom printing because they are not expensive to produce in bulk.

Custom tank tops, t-shirts, hats, and apparel express people’s identity through what they choose to wear. The custom prints highlight important aspects of culture, sport, or religion that contribute to people’s identity and express their message.

Screen printing is a technique that can be used to create images onto different type of surfaces including paper, cotton, silk, and linen. This technique was first developed in China, where it is used since the Song Dynasty (between the years 960 and 1279 AD).

In Europe screen printing was introduced in the late 1700s. This unique technique has evolved and gone through many changes over time. In 1960, Michael Vasilantone designed a machine that uses the screen printing technique in the creation of customized apparel.

Nowadays customized screen printing is used for a large variety of purposes including promotional use, artistic expression, and individual expression. Half of the use of screen printing technique accounts for customized apparel. The modern day methods use computers and digitalized images.

The production process behind custom screen printing Traverse City consists in using ink to transfer an image, design, logo, or pattern onto a surface. The design is preset in most cases on a screen stencil applied to the fabric being printed. To create an impression the ink is wiped across the screen so that it goes only though the design area of the screen stencil. After the ink is applied to the printed surface a textile dryer is used in order to dry the ink.

Screen printing custom tank tops, t-shirts, hats, and apparel can use screen stencil modified to fit the size of the item to be printed. That makes the screen printing technique versatile to anything that can handle an imprint with ink. Custom screen printing can be applied to long sleeve shirts, t-shirts, neon tank tops, pants, fancy packs, hats, and many other garments. A specific design can be applied on multiple items in order to enhance the overall cost efficiency and that makes custom screen printing a highly efficient and economical technique.


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