How Walz Scale Has Diversified its Business of Industrial Weighing Equipment

The industrial weighing equipment of Walz Scale offers an impressive display of solutions for many situations and operations the demand accurate payload weighing. Utilizing the most advanced technologies in calibration and weighing components, Walz Scale systems are often custom designed for various capacities and weighing operations.

Spanning from trucking and shipping operations to large-scale farming and mining sites, Walz Scale has progressed the diverse industry demands for industrial weighing equipment. Below we highlight some of the markets in which Walz Scale has tapped.

Weighbridge Scales

Weighbridges, otherwise known as full-length truck scales, are typically stationary (or fixed) scales that accommodate trucks of 30' - 70' long. Upon driving a truck on a weighbridge scale, the operator can determine the weight of the truck's payload (often via an electronic display that's integrated on the scale.

Walz Scale weighbridges for sale offer a maximum capacity of about 200,000 lbs and provide very accurate and consistent weight measurements, even in the harshest of conditions. Additionally, Walz Scale weighbridges as well as many other of its truck scales are integrated with printers directly on the system for ease of operation.

Walz Scale has developed a wide range of weighbridges to meet various needs. The have evolved the technology and overall efficiencies of these truck scales by enabling operators to collect, store, and analyze data via payload management software. This software can be synced with today's smartphones and other digital devices, enable operators to manage payloads from remote locations.

Agriculture and Farm Scales

The the various styles of farm scales, or "ag scales," offered by Walz Scale address a variety of needs for farmers.

One type of farm scale is used for grain dump trucks after a harvest is extracted. With a grain dump scale, farmers can simultaneously load and unload the harvest while the weight is being calculated. Walz Scale, grain dump scales come in various widths depending on the vehicle and help to improve the throughput of the dumping operation (while also minimizing safety risks involved.)

Similar to grain dump scale systems from Walz Scale are dump pit truck scales. These are also common in other applications, such as heavy-duty mining trucks.

Another scale system that Walz Scale offers (and is also used for mining sites) is the belt scale. Ideal of stationary conditions, belt scales are designed to weigh payloads and harvests while the operation is in motion (and thus further improving throughput.)


Conveyor belt scales help save time and money in various operations. The robust design of conveyor belt scales offer precise results in tough conditions and can meet the needs of various farming applications.

Train/Rail Scales

Rail scales, also referred to as "train scales," are utilized in many operations that involve rail ways, such as agriculture, recycling, and mining operations. Walz Scale rail scales can integrated on railroad tracks to effectively weigh a train cars when they pass over the scale system.

Walz Scale specializes in a wide range of rail and train scales. Some of which include: "NTEP-approved" rail car scales (for onboard weighing,) in-motion rail scales, and railcar axle scales. Of the most interesting and unique of these designs are in-motion rail scales.

In-motion rail scales can effectively measure the payloads on train cars as they pass a given point on a railway. Designed mostly for farming/agriculture, mining sites, and various other large scale operations, rail scales provide accurate weight measurements of the loads that are being shipping and transported on train cars.

As you can see, Walz Scale has diversified it's offering of industrial scale systems and weighing equipment into various niche applications. By tapping into the agricultural and mining industries, Walz Scale has positioned itself as leading provider of more than just truck scales, but industrial weighing equipment for all types of needs.


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