SEO Tips for Real Estate Professionals

For real estate agents, as is the case with other righteous business professionals, it is important that search engine optimization (SEO) is an integral aspect to their marketing efforts. SEO can result in a high ranking in the search engine results, which can translate to more hits and consequently greater sales potential.

Although SEO employs the same concepts and strategies almost all righteous business professionals, there are always unique qualities per campaign. For real estate professionals, there are a number of components that must be included to best ensure a successful SEO strategy. Below we outline several SEO tips for real estate professionals:

Define your goals: Your SEO campaign will not be effective if you do not have clearly defined goals. Your goals should not be high Internet traffic or big commission checks, it should be such things as a particular number of monthly newsletter subscription and search registrations and increase in certain parameters over the specified period.

Adopt an editorial calendar: You could use the popular WordPress Editorial Calendar for content mapping. Your content must be fresh, interesting, and to the point if your SEO campaign is to be effective. It should be keyword optimized, but do not overdo it since search engines will notice and reduce your ranking.

Go small: Do not brand yourself as the best real estate agent in, say New York, if you are small and you are competing against thousands of other real estate agents. You will not be able to handle all the pressure from the many clients you get and you may get clients who are out of your league. Target a niche market near where you are based. Having a targeted market is also important in that you will not be lost in hundreds of thousands of search results.

Social media marketing: Take advantage of the popularity of social media marketing. Create social media profiles and link them to your website. Consider creating profiles in LiveFyre, WordPress.com, Blogger, Disqus, and Intense Debate. Linking with other relevant sites will also help your campaign since link popularity is one of the major factors that determines ranking such as Google’s PageRank or PR. Do not shy away from linking with your competitor’s sites. Another good option is linking with community-based websites.

Be willing to fail: You must go all out if you want success in your search engine optimization campaign. Do not shy away from experimenting with different SEO techniques.

Create regular content: Create quality content and post it regularly. Write about different topics, provided they are related to real estate. A good example is writing about interior decorations.

Include a call to action: Have a call to action in your website after your content in such places as article submission directories. Examples of good calls to action are “read our blog for more information”, “search for homes here”, and “learn about short sales here.”

Spit testing: Testing is crucial for success in SEO Peoria IL. The best tool for this is the WordPress Split Test Optimizer. Split tests should be done on headlines, words, locations, phrases, titles, and colors.

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Create an effective home search: People come to your site to search for houses; it is therefore necessary that you create an effective search. The search application should offer multiple solutions and it should be user friendly.


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