Holiday Shopping Using Google

Do you remember how it feels when you have to go to a mall to find the perfect clothing. You visit numerous stores, try out tons of options, and eventually you may or may not get the items you want.

Gone are the days when you have to go to malls and visit endless shops to find the things you desire. You can find each and everything online using none other than Google!! Right from a apparel, electronics, home decor, furnishings, mobile phones, and more - you name it and it's most likely available online. And sometimes also at lower cost.  

Below are a few basic tips on how to shop and find the best deals using Google.

1. Make a list of all the articles you want to shop for. e.g: party dress, gift for parents etc.
2. Then use the same keyword and just add the word online to it and search Google. For.e.g to search for a party dress on Google, you would just need to search party dress online
3. Google will show up a lot of websites which sells party dress online.
4. Now look at the description of the site, it will give you some basic information about what the site is offering and select the site you like.
5. Usually the shopping websites will have a list of items along with the photographs. Some of the sites also offer the facility to zoom and see the product closely.
6. If you like the product, you just need to add it to your cart and give your address information and checkout.You will get an option to pay using your card. some even offer cash on delivery.
e.g. of a sites : http://www.greatglam.com/
7. If you are looking for something specifically in your area e.g dentist in your area: just use the keyword: dentist followed by your city name or area name.

Search Using Product Name and Offers

Apart from random searching on Google, another way to find great products online with amazing discount is to search using a different keyword. Taking the same example again, if you want to look to party dress online with great discount, just search Google with the following keyword: party dress online discount. It will show up with all the sites which offer discounts on party dresses.

Few things you would need to keep in mind which shopping online using Google is security. Always ensure that the site you visit from Google, has some signs that will indicate that the site is genuine. e.g the site could have a logo which says 'Safe shopping guarantee' or it would have also have contact no's or toll free no's on the site. Some of the site also have representatives online whom you can chat will and they can guide you through shopping.

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