Cosmo Finger Guard: The Top Cosmetology Safety Glove For Salon Workers

Workers who are effective, use time efficiently, and practice safety in the workplace are highly valued by employees. Salon workers get exposed to a number of potential injuries, considering that a pair of sharp scissors is essential to their craft. Cosmo Finger Guard, the cosmetology safety glove that is now available for sale in the internet effectively reduces the number of cut injuries associated with your job. Accidentally slashing any of your fingers at work reduces efficiency, and at times will force you to take a few days absence to allow it to heal. A loss to you, your employer and your clients, you can decrease injury-related absences with the use of the Cosmo Finger Guard.

Providing the security that you won’t end up with finger injuries, the Cosmo Finger Guard lets you style your client's hair perfectly. Designed for safety above all, it is a cur resistant glove that is lightweight, making it very comfortable for wear. It is ambidextrous, which means it works equally well for both right and left handed individuals. Covering the middle finger and the base of the fingers and knuckles, it provides protection for the more susceptible parts of the hand that are often the areas where slashes and cuts occur. The rest of the fingers which are not usually prone to injuries are left bare, ensuring that you have maximum ease and comfort but at the same time, keeps you safe from most injuries. The material used in the making of the Cosmo Finger Guard does not stick to hair, never compromising how you cut or trim your client's hair.

No matter how careful you are, accidents can happen and ensuring safety by wearing a salon safety glove is an effective and safe way to do it. A lot of salon owners may have experienced paying out many Workers Compensation Fees because of various medical services. The Cosmo Finger Guard can certainly reduce; even totally get rid of these avoidable mishaps. The Cosmo Finger Guard is the first cut resistant cosmetology safety glove. Borne of a need for salon safety, this product maximizes performance without sacrificing the quality of your employee's work. In fact, it can even enhance it because the assurance of safety means he or she doesn't have to worry about any injury to him or her self.

The Cosmo Finger Guard is specifically designed for cosmetologists whose risks in their jobs include accidentally slashing or cutting their fingers with a sharp pair of scissors. It is cut resistant and provides excellent protection for everyone whose daily work activities involve these risks. Ideal for everyday use, it is breathable and pliable, always ensuring that it is not cumbersome or pose any hindrance to the satisfactory accomplishment of your work. Assuredly American made, the Cosmo Finger Guard is made of high quality materials and boasts of a workmanship that is equally excellent.

When the time comes that you have to wash it, there is no need to follow any complicated how-to instructions because it is made of naturally washable materials. As much as it prevents cuts, it also provides antimicrobial protection, increasing your protection from any infection that may occur. Currently available in black, one Cosmo Finger Guard costs $14.95 but if you opt to get a pair, you can have it for $27.95. Surely, the amount is worth the safety it offers and the savings employers get in lieu of medical services.

The Cosmo Finger Guard is an innovative product that answers the need for better safety practices in salons across the country. Excellent for reducing work related injuries, it likewise reduces preventable medical situations that will make employers spend more on Workers Compensation Fees. Great for over-all business, this simple but very useful product is a must for ensuring safety in the workplace.

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