Top 5 Brands of Pavers and Paving Stone Products

Whether you're looking for pavers and paving stone products to reinvent your driveway or perhaps you're project is a backyard overhaul, there is no shortages of premium brands worth considering. However, depending on your project, some brands outperform others in given applications (i.e. driveways, patios, walkways, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, and living spaces).
Driveway Pavers Belgard
Driveway pavers (like Belgard brand pavers shown here) add elegance to a home's entrance.
You want to ensure you get the most out of your investment and we are here to help. Below we've compiled and reviewed on some of the best producers of pavers and paving stone products on the market right now.

Belgard Pavers 
Belgard Pavers

Belgard is a major producer of pavers and paving stone products worth mentioning. A quick look at the company website Belgard.com provides shoppers with an impressive display of options, resources, and guides. Users can leverage Belgard's Project Visualizer tools and project galleries for inspiration and ideas for their own project.

Belgard has been in the paver business since 1995, so it is safe to say they are an experienced company with strong reputation in the industry. According to the company's website, each year 20,000 hours of work is dedicated toward research and development, so it's clear Belgard continues to push the envelope with new and innovated products.

Further, Belgard offers a lifetime warranty of their products. As long as you continue to own the home or project in which you have installed Belgard products, the company is willing to repair or replace damages that may occur.

Some of the most popular paver products offered by Belgard include driveway pavers, outdoor fireplace and fire pit kits, walkways, patios, pool decks, and many other paving materials made from the material of your choice. You also have the option of purchase Belgard pavers and paving stone products under a number of a payment plan options.
Retaining Wall Paver Stones

Unilock Pavers 
Unilock Pavers

This company created its name from a unique European stone some 40 years ago when its founder brought the stone from Europe to North America. Unilock has come a long way since it simple start 40 years ago and it comes from a place to long standing traditional values. The company says via its website that a lot of value is placed on the quality of products it manufactures.

Unlike some brands of paver products, Unilock provides a buy now and pay later option. Customers can choose from a variety of products, such as
  • Classic Pavers
  • Enduracolor™ Pavers
  • Walls & Verticals
  • Natural Stone Pavers
  • Porcelain Pavers
  • Stonemark™ Pavers
While some of these are brands under the Unilock manufacturing label, you can learn more about what some of these products feature by visiting Unilock.com.

Pavestone Pavers 
Pavestone Pavers

Pavestone is a company that sells a complete range of pavers, retaining walls, edging, patio stones, and rumblestone. Further, if you want to get your fireplace done, they provide the entire kit needed to make your fireplace look just stunning.

There are also pavers and paving stones to add that garden touch to you outdoor living area. They also provide wall stone and caps as well as decorative rocks, and base sand and aggregate. On the company’s website, you can also find collection of video and photos of works completed by its contractors. There are also design suggestions to allow you to explore your imagination.
Patio Pavers for Pool Deck

Techo Bloc Pavers 
Techo Bloc Pavers

Techo Bloc boasts of durable and weather resistant products on their website Techo-bloc.com. They have stated that their pace stones are built to withstand traffic and are de-icing salt resistant.

Their pavers and stones also contain colour all the way in, which allows for a for a more uniformed look even after wear and tear. We believe this is definitely a huge plus for this brand. How often do we see pavers that have lost their colour due to wear and tear and how unsightly does this look?

In addition to the durability of the products provided by Techo Bloc, you will also get a lifetime warranty. This company sells a variety of materials such as walls, steps, Slabs, pavers, and caps, edges, outdoor features, masonry and permeable products.

Cambridge Pavers

Cambridge Pavers
Cambridge Pavers promises to revolutionize salkwalks as well as downtown areas and sidewalks and so much more.

This company CambridgePavers.com has been highlighted for it outstanding production of pavers and pace stone materials by numerous sections of the media. Cambridge Pavers states on its website that its pavers have met the strict guidelines of The American Society of Testing-Materials and the Interlocking Concrete-Pavement Institute. This company provides a wide variety of products ranging from walkways, fireplaces, outdoor gardens blocks, and others.
Pool Patio Pavers


No matter which brand of pavers you choose for your remodeling and design project, you can go wrong with any of the top five. All of these companies have strong foundations, wide product varieties and amazing offers. Got any questions? Let us know in the comments below.


5 Marketing Best Practices for Vegan Businesses

Vegan Business

Starting a new plant-based business venture, expanding products or service offerings, or launching a new vegan product are just a few occasions when a business owner needs to consider all aspects of their marketing strategy. Compared to traditional businesses, vegan businesses have some special requirements and unique needs when working with PR strategies, content marketing, and other marketing efforts.

Harness the Power of the Vegan Community

It should go without saying that your plant-based business marketing strategies lie within the vegan community. Everywhere you go, there's an active community of vegans, either on social media channels like Facebook groups or online forums. Pinpoint the pain points, challenges, and what solutions are lacking. For example, you may find that majority of people in a local community went plant-based for athletic recovery benefits. You try tailoring your content strategy to highlight relevant products that align with their interests, like sport vega protein powders, if you sell health products.

Try Vegan Influencer Marketing

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and independent blogs have thousands upon thousands of vegan influencers. Every single day they are trying new products, talking about them, and recommending vegan products ranging from specific foods to plant-based protein powders and everything in between. In turn, vegan businesses can use influencers who have large social media followings to help amplify their brands and drive traffic to their websites, increase their brand awareness, and generate sales.

Experiment with Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is where you pay another website, publisher, or brand to create and distribute media (e.g. a blog post) promoting your vegan business. It has been around for a long-time in print publications, but it’s becoming quite trendy for digital marketing. In addition to related brands and blogs, vegan influencers can be leveraged for sponsored content to promote brands and products. Sponsored content includes many things, such as in-depth blogs, video reviews, and photos. Take caution that sponsored content is authentic and that the publisher does not make it obvious that they are being funded to push a brand. For instance, sponsored reviews should appear honest and relatively unbiased.

Find Your Voice

One of the biggest reasons that small plant-based brands grow into popular food conglomerates is because the brand and company as a whole have a clear voice on where it stands on important societal issues. These issues, which factor into the bigger picture of operating a vegan business, including environment, social justice, health, diversity, animal welfare, etc. Your business should need to take a stand on everything, but you must stand a stand on something. Determine where you stand, and bake these morales into everything that you do. For instance, you may find you have a niche in products like vegan protein powders without stevia and can use this to promote products to those who dislike stevia.

Cultivate Vegan Company Culture

Vegan business marketing doesn’t stop with your customers. Depending on the size of your business, your staff is equally important in making sure your message is aligned and properly conveys your vegan/vegetarian offering. Educate your employees about the campaigns, goals, and objectives of the business, and make sure they're well trained to know how to answer tough questions, handle distribution, and keep the gears churning righteously.


How Personal Injury Attorneys Can Better Market Their Practice

market personal injury attorneys practice
Being a lawyer is a complex profession. And not all cases is pro bono. In more cases often than not, attorneys need to creatively market and advertise their practice to earn their keep. Here are some tips on how to better market your practice.

If you are a personal injury lawyer (or are an attorney for a reputable personal injury law firm), and have limited funds to market your practice via television, radio or with print media, then the web will be your powerhouse channel to generate new cases. Here we shed light on a few sure fire ways to up your law firm's marketing game.

Assess Competition in Your Practice Areas

First you have to assess the competition in your given practice areas. In addition to seeing how your practice stacks-up and gathering insights, see what makes you different from them. Once you have that all sorted out make use of the information you have extracted to your advantage. Take for example, servicing a particular target audience or type of cases with a particular personal injury lawsuit (e.g. Automobile Accidents.)

Next is to check out your competition’s web site and try to make your firm’s website different from them. Typically, all personal injury attorney’s websites offer similar services and legal solutions. So to be different, highlight a specific type of injury or illness where you have vast experience on and expertise. By doing this you are also increasing traffic to your website and optimize your exposure to search engines.

Implement Web Marketing Strategies

Search Marketing

Take note that you can make use of Google AdWords to advertise your practice rather easily and quickly via search engines. This advertising platform makes use of keywords so make sure to put in the right words to attract people.
Personal injury lawyer checklist

Because potential clients for personal injury attorneys typically search Google and other search engines for legal information and services, search marketing channels like AdWords are highly effective. We also suggest exploring SEO and content marketing, as these channels are highly effective for personal injury attorneys.

For example, Apolinsky & Associates, LLC is reputable wrongful death and personal injury law firm in Atlanta. They regularly publish informative blog posts surrounding the various legal areas they specialize in. Take a look at how these Atlanta personal injury attorneys are doing it by visiting AA-Legal.com.

Off-site Content Marketing

Another option is public relations, through free press releases, public interviews, articles and presentations. These materials can also be used in the website to show how the law firm or local personal injury attorney is an authority on a particular subject. Remember search engines love new content.

Public Relations

Another means of marketing your practice is being “out there”. By joining causes and organizations that is associated with a particular focus would be putting the firm and the attorney’s name in the public eye. You can also do public service campaigns like the hazards of asbestos in the workplace. These efforts will help you among other personal injury attorneys and law firms to appear more credible.

Legal Associations & Directories

The importance of promoting one’s practice is very vital to one’s success. It is good to join popular legal directories and associations such as Lawyers.com, Martindale.com and AVVO.com. This is an easy, effective and affordable way of advertising on the internet and promotes your services.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Another way of promoting your law firm is through social media marketing and advertising. A lot of businesses nowadays are making use of social media to market their services. Most social media platforms have built in data analytics tools to track progress and success of their ad campaigns. Some famous social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.

Finally, keep in mind that it is better to be in touch with a smaller group of people several times than to be in touch with a large number of people a few times. By exposing yourself to a smaller group on a regular basis will show your availability to them thereby making them remember you more when the need for a personal injury attorney arises.

Money may be the number one factor in marketing one’s practice but there are ways that you don’t need to spend so much. In this age of technology, there are a lot of ways to make your practice known. You just have to be ingenious.


What's the Best Video Transfer Service to Convert VHS to DVD?

Technology had an amazing transformation in the last few decades. When it comes to video transfer service, from manual formats like VHS to digital format like DVD, it is amazing. But how do we scale back to VHS and convert the old to the new?

Converting our old VHS home video tapes is a wonderful thing to do. Keeping those memories forever is what you intended on in the first place. Look back at your children’s first steps or the old dog you used to have and really treasure your past.

Making the investment to convert VHS to DVD them gives you easy access to show your friends and share online or just to watch at home when you remember wonderful times of your life – a wonderful feeling of taking a walk down memory lane. So, how do we go about doing this?

1. Specialized Video Transfer Shops

Specialized video transfer shops who are proficient in converting VHS to DVD is one of the best ways to get all your memories converted to digital. Local specialists have the most options available to you. They have all the equipment they need to not only bring your videos to life digitally but also enhance the videos original quality.

VHS was not made to last, so as time goes by, their quality decreases. Specialists enhance the quality by ridding the video of film grain or dust particles from showing up, they can also correct the color of the videos for you so it looks way more pleasing to the eye. For instance, one local video transfer company based in Atlanta, Current Pixel, not only provides VHS to DVD conversion services, but also custom editing based on customer's needs.

In a nutshell, these experts can stabilize the image quality for you. This saves you a lot of time and know how. So, if you want quality, look up your nearest local specialist. They have many formats available, or you can request a USB along with your DVD. Keeping a copy on your PC is great. This makes it a ton easier to upload your memories online to share with your friends and family.

2. VHS to DVD Conversion Services

There are many shops out there that offer a service to convert from DVD to VHS such as Wal-Mart or Costco from their photo departments. Only thing is their service is limited. They can convert many formats to DVD, but they do not have any of the image enhancement options.

They also do not work with VHS tapes longer than 2 hours. They do have the plus side of a delivery service once the conversion is completed. The downside is it takes up to 3 weeks to arrive at your door. Another pro for this option besides saving you your own time is that they can make you a music video of your highlights and even add chapters to your DVD.

3. Do It Yourself

There are a few ways in which you can convert your own VHS tapes to digital. It still isn’t a free option, depending on the equipment that you have but will save you money. Just know, this is a project you will have to devote a lot of your time to! The number of tapes you have, take longer to do but will also save you a lot of money. But the reward is well worth the effort. There are a few methods you can do this with, but also the quality will not be as great as letting the pros enhance the quality for you. If you have one of those VCR and DVD player combo machines then you have one way to convert video yourself.

If you don’t have one, you might be lucky enough to find one on eBay or any second-hand websites. Another option if you already have a VCR, is buying an RCA audio/video cable and a standalone DVD burner. The process is still simple, you connect the RCA cable from the output of the VCR into the RCA input of the DVD burner. You can find everything you need online. You could even connect your old camera into the DVD burner as if it were the VCR to get the same results.

These are your best options for saving all your old memories, by saving I mean keep forever. Since VHS tapes degrade with age, you could lose all that footage if you don’t do something about it. Save your memories, you have seen how easy it is. Even if you don’t have that much money to spare, then your only cost will be your time. And your time is definitely well worth it.

Image sourced at CurrentPixel.com


Atlanta Internet Marketing Company Spearheads Search-first Approach

Atlanta Internet marketing company, Captivate Search Marketing, is progressing the ever-evolving art of web marketing by putting search engine optimization (SEO) on the forefront.
Atlanta Internet Marketing Company

In essence, the innovative Internet marketing provider in Atlanta has adopted a "search-first" approach to virtually everything it does. Below we take a closer look at how this top-rated Atlanta Internet marketing company known as Captivate Search Marketing is actualizing this mission.

It Starts With Search™

Having recently trademarked the phrase It Starts With Search™ Captivate Search Marketing (formally under the entity Webvolution Designs, LLC) reinforces its search-first approach in its new slogan. But what exactly does this mean?

Lets take a look at a few examples in how Captivate Search Marketing applies search-first methodology to its comprehensive digital solutions.

SEO Internet Marketing Atlanta

Website Design & Development

Now more than ever, it's essential to have a well-optimized website to be a contender for top search rankings. In employing search-first practices to website design and development, Captivate Search Marketing addresses vital SEO-friendly elements to ensure its clients' websites are geared for success.

Factors like website load speed, HTML, Javascript, structured data markup, on-site content, conversion touch points, usability and engagement variables are all taken into consideration when constructing a site. These elements, when properly addressed and optimized, establish the foundation for a successful future in SEO.

Social Media Marketing

The next most important online assets aside from a company's website is its social media profiles. Here too the search-first approach can lend to strategic implementation in how these accounts are establish and managed.

Take for instance the on-page SEO elements of a company's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest page. These elements, ranging from the profile's URL naming convention to its description, can facilitate greater efficacy for SEO.

Captivate Search Marketing applies a data-driven strategy to bring these elements to the surface, audit their current status, and optimize accordingly. As a result, clients can often realize greater success leveraging social media as an Internet marketing adhesive for stronger and more sustainable rankings.

Online Reputation Management

The search-first approach couldn't be more applicable to an important component known as online reputation management. Take for instance the typical "Google" the company name scenario, common among prospective vendors and customers. The Google search results will often dictate the company's reputation, based on reviews, the top rankings sites, and the content on those sites.

Atlanta Internet Marketing Agency
Just one of may testaments of how this Atlanta Internet marketing agency
has helped its clients take ownership of page one of Google.

Captivate Search Marketing takes a proactive approach in helping customers shape their online reputation by owning positive sentiment on the first page. Associated with search engine optimized social media profiles and other top ranking online assets, the Atlanta Internet marketing company help businesses and brands take ownership of the search engine results that reflect their name and keywords. This proactive approach to online reputation management also helps mitigate the impact of any negative reviews that may arise.

In addition to proactive reputation management, Captivate Search Marketing also helps businesses respond to negative reviews and content associated with their name. While this can be the most challenging project to tackle, the company is well-versed in helping businesses and brands properly respond, address, and outrank any negative correspondence associated with its clients.

Content Marketing

Parallel to Captivate Search Marketing's data-driven yet creative approach to undertaking comprehensive Internet marketing programs, content marketing remains highly SEO oriented while seeking to achieve a number of objectives.

From blog posts, videos, press releases, and other forms of media, the content marketing team of Captivate Search Marketing leverages keyword data along with layers of creativity and the client's personality to help execute purposeful content marketing campaigns.

Contact Top SEO Company in Atlanta

Captivate Search Marketing has emerged as one of the top SEO companies in Atlanta as a result of its impeccable customer service, outstanding results, and honest, straightforward approach to working with businesses in Georgia.

To learn more about this Atlanta SEO company, visit its website at CaptivateSEO.com, or follow the address, location, and phone number below to get in touch with a representative of the company.

Captivate Search Marketing
1800 Peachtree St NW #205
Atlanta, GA 30309
Phone:(404) 953-2406

Map of Captivate Search Marketing in Atlanta, Georgia:


Custom Divot Repair Tools as Business Promo Items?

When it comes creative promotional items for businesses, resonating with your target audience is essential. Golfers among one of the most widely approachable populations when it comes to such marketing efforts. One of them most righteous promo item ideas we've found is using custom divot repair tools that are branded to whatever business, function, or purpose fits the bill.
Custom Divot Repair Tools

But not just any custom divot repair tools. We're talking about the Mark Mender. If you have not yet heard about the world class divot repair tool called the Mark Mender and what amazing features it has to offer, then read on as we righteously dish it out.

Introducing Custom Divot Tools from Mark Mender

When it comes to leveraging the most unique and standout promotional items for golfers, there is good reason why the Mark Mender custom divot tool and ball marker is a major win.

Unlike conventional divot tools, the Mark Mender is a four-prong, multi-purpose device that uses a spring-loaded squeeze mechanism. This enables golfers to effectively repair their divot with meticulous care and with a layer of gratification and satisfaction.

Designed around an easy poke-and-pinch technique, the Mark Mender is able to repair divots without uprooting the greens. It's design and feel makes it far more original compared to other customizable divot repair tools. And because the Mark Mender is so highly regarded for its multi-functional capabilities, it has been touted as one the best promotional items for golfers.

Unlike Any Other Divot Repair Tool

What makes the Mark Mender so unique and innovative is its 4-in-1 functionality. The Mark Mender offers golfers far more than just an awesome ball mark repair tool. The handy device also serves as one of the best cigar holders. (And not like those cheap, unreliable cigar holders that attach to your golf cart.) We're talking a sharp, stainless steel cigar holder that you can carry with you as you approach the green to put.
Personalized Divot Tool Mark Mender

But that is not all. The Mark Mender also acts as the perfect grip rest, enabling you to keep your golf grips dry from the dewy grass. The device is also affixed with a magnetic ball marker which is common on most other divot repair tools. The difference being: the magnetic ball mark is the component on the divot repair tool that's customized. So every time a golfer removes the ball mark to prepare for his or her putt, they'll see and remember the logo or graphic that's identified with your design.

In essence, there are few promotional golf items like the Mark Mender. If you want to make a statement virtually every time your target audience prepares for his or her putt, the this custom divot repair tool is sure-fire win.

A Divot Repair Tool That Greenskeepers Love

When it comes to fixing divots on the green, the Mark Mender's design makes it impossible to misuse and do damage to the greens. For instance, conventional divot tools (that use the basic 2 prong design), promote a natural tendency of lifting up around the divot. This actually uproots the grass of the green, causing damage that can take several weeks to heal. If you've ever noticed brown spots on the greens, then you'll be more mindful to know that this is simply the result of mindless divot repairing.

The Mark Mender divot repair tool is uniquely designed to mitigate mindless divot repair and minimize damage to the greens by fixing ball marks with proper technique. And while doubling as the ultimate cigar holder and magnetic ball marker, the Mark Mender is the hands-down the professional's choice among golf promotional items. See for yourself what renders the Mark Mender as a world class, custom-made divot repair tool. Leverage the best promotional golf item that can be fully customized to your company, brand, cause, or event.

Personalized Mark Mender Divot Repair Tools

By providing personalized promotional golf items at wholesale prices, you can customize your own Mark Mender divot tool for a number of branding, marketing, and advertising purposes. Whether you’re in need of promotional golf items for your business or want to introduce something unique to your arsenal of trade show swag, the Mark Mender offers practical golf promotional items that are both creative and appreciated among recipients.

And with a low minimum order on custom divot tool orders at wholesale pricing, you may discover the Mark Mender divot tool to be your reliable promotional golf gift for more than just one campaign or occasion. Not only is great for promotional golf items, but many other applications ranging from groomsmen golf gifts to tournament giveaways.

Don't settle for run-of-the-mill promotional golf items that end up lost and forgotten about. Try testing the waters with a unique and compelling instrument and take advantage of the Mark Mender golf ball divot repair tool.


Minneapolis Junk Remover Make Strides With Eco-friendly Junk Removal

Minneapolis junk remover, Junk Command, has cultivated a reputation for its services in eco-friendly junk removal services delivered right at your doorstep. It’s the basis behind the junk remover's mission: to better preserve our community and environment. Organizations like Eureka Recycling and Recycling Association of Minnesota are working hard to make responsible junk removal accessible among local residents, Junk Command is also working in this direction by making epic strides in eco-friendly junk removal.
Minneapolis MN junk removers
As a society, we sometimes fail to realize the impact our junk can have on this plant, but each year thousands of tons of waste ends up in landfills around the world. With junk removal companies in Minneapolis, MN like Junk Command, this is becoming much easier.

Junk Command's expert recyclers try to keep as much of the junk from ending up in landfills. Most of the times, after junk removal they donate it at customer’s request, resell some of it at thrift store rates, and send any leftovers at a transfer station where remaining rubbish is sorted further, and disposed of in a responsible way. Junk Command's team of Minneapolis, MN junk removers is committed to the local Twin Cities community and our plant.

Dangers to the Community and Environment

Most of us know that electronic items and appliances are difficult, and sometimes dangerous, to dispose of. In Minnesota, it is illegal to throw away electronic waste because harmful chemicals such as cadmium, mercury, and lead found in items (i.e. computers) can be released into air and water. Same is the case with construction waste, as it releases harmful products in the environment. Junk Command can help you with your electronic recycling junk removal needs, both responsibly and quickly.

Junk Command for Eco-friendly Carpet Removal

While it’s easy to donate unused and new carpet to local charities, used carpet has few takers and is often considered a health hazard. Most charities and donation sites don’t have resources to clean used carpets, and you don’t want to spend time and effort cleaning your carpet only to find that they won’t accept it.

As part of Junk Command's eco-friendly carpet removal services, they can help in recycling carpet by preventing if from ending up in landfills. Carpet is difficult to handle as it's made of many different materials, such as wool, nylon, polyester, olefin, and other assortments of fibers. Further, their backing is made from latex products. The carpet removal service from Junk Command handles the processes carefully by contributing old carpet to specialized recyclers where they're broken down to be reused to make new carpets.

Recycling Junk & Benefiting Others

By recycling junk, you can help others who are in need. Remember, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” so simply throwing your junk is no more useful, and may be considered wasteful. Some electronic items can be refurbished or can be recycled to make newer products that reduce use of resources. Seeking proper eco-friendly recycling and donation techniques can be cumbersome, so let Junk Command recycling your junk in a progressive manner.
 residential junk removal minneapolis mn
Junk Command specializes in both residential and commercial junk removal. The Minneapolis based crew can haul your junk directly from your site. The junk remover only charges on the basis of junk you would like to remove, and the company's junk removal prices include labor and dump fees. When you call Junk Command, you can often count on the crew contact you back immediately and can sometimes reach your location within hours,
 residential junk removal minneapolis mn

The Junk Removal Process

Junk Command's removal crew comes with a long dumpster trailer and a team of well trained professionals that can take an overview of items you want hauled away and can offer you an estimate on the spot. If you accept the quote, Junk Command can start the junk removal process then and there. The Minneapolis, MN junk removal company charges you less than quoted price if the truck is emptier than predicted. Upon completion of the job, Junk Command will hand over a receipt with final price. Lastly, the team will sweep up the site, and will do any cleanup required to free you from your junk in as little time as possible.

Your Minneapolis Junk Removers

Your Minneapolis Junk Removers
For more information about this reputable junk remover in Minneapolis, visit the address location or contact:

Junk Command
7466 Washington Avenue South
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Junk Command Website


Google Maps Marketing: 10 Local Business Ranking Factors

Smart business are often well aware of the potential behind Google Maps marketing. Righteous businesses are usually on top of it.

In this Righteous Business Blog post, we're going to share 10 local business ranking factors that influence Google Maps marketing. These ranking factors will shed light on certain platforms (i.e. Google My Business) and strategies (i.e. implementing a review generation strategy) that can help advance your business' presence in Google Maps.

Google Maps Search Marketing
The Google Maps results are often a forgotten treasure, as most marketers think of the Google
local 3-pack search results (shown below) as "Google Maps marketing."

Google Maps Ranking Factors

Use these Google Maps ranking factors as your guide to Google Maps marketing. Captivate Local is reputable resource for various solutions surrounding search marketing on Google Maps. 

  1. Owner-verified Google My Business (GMB) page - Have You verified your Google My Business page? In addition to having a GMB page that's 100% populated, ensure that your listing is verified. Next to a well-optimized website, your business's GMB page is the most powerful asset to Google Maps marketing. There's a nice blog post about this over at this blog.
  2. Physical address compared to the city being searched - In most cases, to appear in the Google Maps search results, your business should be located in the same city as the people searching for what you have to offer.
  3. Number of matching address and phone numbers - So how does determine real businesses with credible reputations? One way is by comparing all matching listings (address and phone numbers) on other sites. Also known as citations, this data is strong ranking factor for Google Maps marketing.
  4. Quality and authority of matching addresses - In addition to having many citations, the more trusted and authoritative the listings (i.e. local Chamber of Commerce member profile, HealthGrades.com, Yelp.com, etc.,) the better.
    Google Maps Embed for Marketing
  5. Matching address and phone number on your website - In addition to citations from other listing throughout the web, Google will also compare the address and phone you use on your site and see if it matches your GMB listing. Missing a suite number of minor detail could hinder performance.
  6. Relevancy of category associations with your business - When populating your GMB page, select the most appropriate categories very carefully. All of your categories should be relevant to your business.
  7. Domain authority of your website - If you're website has earned a lot of backlinks (inbound links from other websites) over the course of it's life, then is should have some degree of domain authority. Also considered "rank juice," greater domain authority will influence both organic search rankings and Google Maps rankings. 
  8. Proximity to Google’s city center marker - When you search the name of a city or town, you'll see that Google assigns a centermost point to the city. The closer your business is located to that, the better for Google Maps marketing.
  9. Number of GMB Reviews - Customer reviews and ratings on your Google My Business listing can impact its ranking potential. While this is more influential to Google's local 3-pack listings, it's debateable as to whether or not customer ratings impacts the Google Maps search results.
  10. Proximity to the Google user - While it may be beyond the control of a vast majority of local businesses, proximity to Google user is a strong ranking factor. This is especially the case for mobile search engine users.

The Many Faces of Google Maps Marketing 

The above Google Maps ranking factors impact both the search results in Google Maps search as well as the local 3-pack listings in traditional Google search. 

Google Maps Marketing for Local Business

Google Maps has provided prime marketing real estate for all types of businesses. And because there are many different forms of Google Maps marketing (like ranking in the local 3-pack search results versus Google maps search results,) this form of marketing offers several opportunities in increase search exposure. 


Retro Two Offers Custom Cycling Jerseys With Classic Appeal

Started in 2002 by Roger W. Mallette, the original Retro Image Apparel Company was one of the front-runners in the industry which strongly believed that cycling jerseys not only need to be functional but should also be fun to wear and use.
Retro Two Classic Cycling Jerseys

It is worth mentioning that the original inspiration emanated from a copy of a 1923 Bauhaus Cycling exposition poster which was discovered by Roger. After his passing in 2012, his sister, Michelle Mallete Sherman, took over the the company and formed a new company, Retro Image Apparel Two, or simply, Retro Two.

An Exclusive & Expansive Product Portfolio

Retro Classic Cycling Jersey
The company stands out from other custom cycling jersey companies by delivering some stunning and out of this world graphic illustrations, relatively bold pop culture icons as well as high quality materials that are difficult to get anywhere else. Retro Two specializes in retro/classic cycling jerseys, but also offers a number of other styles that emphasize specific themes and historic races.

To ensure that its products are always ahead of the curve, Retro Two consistently innovates and grows its product offerings by combining its iconic imagery and signature graphics with a durable, functional jersey of the highest quality and sturdy construction. To make sure that cyclists who don Retro Two products are part of the Art of Riding, the company does continue to build upon the rich and vastly expansive product portfolio of designs that were developed by the founder, Roger W. Mallete.

Custom Cycling Jersey Collections

Custom Cycling Jersey
Keen on having the needs and requirements of each and every client taken into consideration, the company has broadly divided its design collection basket into four: these are The Classic Vintage, The Craft Brewery-Winery, The Modern Style and The High Road. With the Classic Vintage being one of the cornerstones of Retro Two, this particular collection does offer some of the most unique products in the market space.

Driven by the desire to accurately capture some of the most historic events in the leading cycling communities, the jerseys include numerous designs, ranging from the stunning look of the 1935 World Championship, the 1943 Cataluña to the Chat Noir jersey and lots of others therein between.

Where Style Meets Premium Performance

It is also worth mentioning that these cycling jerseys are made using some special moisture wicking fibers that not only dry but also expel body moisture outwards; ensuring that the rider is left feeling comfortable and cool during his or her ride.

In addition, the jerseys also feature stain resistant and UV protected fabrics. They also feature a full length, hidden front zipper, 3 bar tacked rear pockets, non-elastic sleeves as well as ventilated 4-way stretch mesh side pockets. The jerseys are also available in both short and long sleeve models.

Ordering Custom Cycling Jerseys from Retro Two

Ordering Custom Cycling Jerseys
With the sole intention of fully satisfying varying client needs and requirements, Retro Two does also offer custom cycling jerseys, performance tees as well as commuter jerseys to its clients who are keen on having their own unique requirements such as an event or cause implemented on their jerseys. The company does offer both short and full sleeve jerseys.

It is important to note though that one must have a minimum order of twenty five (25) units of the same gender and design for custom cycling units and the turnaround time is normally four (4) weeks from approval of photo or production proof. Further to the above and as a vote of confidence in their products, Retro Two does pride itself in offering an industry leading limited six (6) month warranty from the purchase date against defects in workmanship and materials. This is a rare undertaking in this highly competitive market segment.


When to Recruit an IT Technician for Your Business

There comes a time when a business needs to hire an IT technician, but that usually depends on the type of business and the level of service the business requires. The ideal time for any business to hire an IT technician is when it has a staff of between 25 and 30 people. However, financial realities can sometimes make it difficult to add an extra person to the payroll.
Business IT Technician

The alternative to hiring an in-house IT technician is outsourcing tech support to a company which specializes in the provision of IT services to small businesses. In the recent past, there has been a proliferation of IT resources, both paid and free, that fledgling businesses can always turn to for help. But it is a given that they cannot be as proficient as an in-house IT technician. However, what always dictates the level of support your business should have is the extent of your IT needs.

Determining The Level of IT Support Your Business Needs

There are different levels of IT support a business can have. There are some that work just on a break/fix basis, for example, if there is a problem, a technician fixes it. There is also the 24/7 tech support where a technician or technicians are on call throughout to ensure everything is running as required, and to deal with any IT issues.
Business IT Support

A business may also hire specialized support for the most integral business applications. All in all, it is the business’ needs that determines the level of support it would require. Therefore, it is important to define what your business really needs as each business has varying IT support requirements.

A business’ IT support options may involve farming-out certain activities or tasks, ranging from email setup and support to setting up computers and networks. A business may also require a technician who will address the business’s data backup and security. Nowadays there are so many problems from pop ups, spyware, and viruses, thus, it is always prudent to have someone to ably deal with the consequences.

Dynamic & Adaptive IT Solutions

It is also worth noting that IT support needs are not static. As the business grows, so will the level of support that you need from a technician. Eventually, when the business grows to a certain point, it will behoove the business to hire an in-house computer technician.
IT Solutions

When looking for an IT technician for your business, it is wise to find someone competent to offer comprehensive IT solutions for business. For example, he should be able to perform computer repair, business networking, web hosting and design, virus and malware removal, computer upgrades, as well as web filtering and malware protection.

But not every business will need all these services. Therefore, it is important for the business to decide what results it wants to achieve as well as determining how frequent the service is required so as to find the best solution for the best price.

Once you find a technician who will offer the kind of solutions your business needs, it is wise to hire them quickly before they are gone from the market. If you like someone, hire them before they are taken up by another firm.


AgWeigh Truck Scales for Farmers & Ag Producers

AgWeigh is a subsidiary company of Walz Scale that specializes in the manufacture of truck scales and weighing equipment for agricultural use. The Illinois based company is a global leader in the design of yield management software applications and high-tech harvest weighing management systems.

These truck scales and weighing systems are created to assist farmers in accurately and efficiently measuring their produce, such as grain, corn, or soybeans. All of AgWeigh`s scales are designed to be compatible with peripheral systems such as computers, printers and now even mobile displays.
AgWeigh Truck Scales

AgWeigh`s proprietary software `Yield Pro` is what truly makes the company stand out from its competitors. This is because it is designed to be as user friendly as possible to allow ease of use even for farmers who posses the most basic of educational levels. Yield Pro enables farmers to input valuable data, perform calculations and generate reports if necessary.

The truck scales and weighing systems from AgWeigh, and their corresponding features, include some of the following.

Grain Dump Scales

AgWeigh grain dump scales offer farmers exceptional accuracy and operational efficiency when it`s time to measure their harvest. The creative suspension design ensures durability of load cells and guarantees that debris does not enter into critical electronic equipment and cause malfunctions. Farmers are assured of many years of useful service because the equipment is made with heavy duty steel and requires very low maintenance.

Grain Cart Scales

AgWeigh`s grain cart scales are simple on-board system that's designed to be tough, durable and capable of being attached to a wide variety of mounting systems. Grain carts are a favorite of farmers interested in mobility while maintaining the ability to accurately measure the weight of what they are carrying. With custom designed grain cart weighing scales that offer the ultimate flexibility and functionality, farmers can enjoy convenience without sacrificing efficiency.

Portable Axle Scales

Most weigh scales are often bulky and heavy making them inconveniencing to use in constrained spaces. This is why AgWeigh created their portable axle scales that can be easily set-up or disassembled at anytime and in any location as long there is solid floor to place it on. The AXW-Series Portable Axle Scale has become quite popular with wealthy farmers who can afford it and do not wish to waste time with bulky scales.

Moisture Input Analysis

Too much moisture in harvests can have disastrous effects for farmers because it can ruin entire crop harvest. AgWeigh`s moisture meter integration system is designed to gather accurate data on moisture levels and then pass on the data to the Yield Pro application. This allows farmers to manage moisture data at the tap of a button on their mobile phones.

On-board Truck Scales
On-board Truck Scales 

The fastest way to measure the total amount of produce in a truck is to have a scale built into the truck so that weight is automatically registered as the produce is being loaded on to the truck. This is extremely efficient for heavy truckers who wish to avoid overloading which could lead to expensive fines and wasted time.

Farmers using AgWeigh`s scales are confident of the quality of their equipment because all of their products are certified by the National Type Evaluation Program committee (NTEP). The committee only issues certificates to companies that have consistently proven their products have the highest level of accuracy even after prolonged use.